The list of tests & panels of our molecular section (PCR) 

Bahman Hospital Laboratory

  • Viral Upper Respiratory Panel

In this molecular panel, pathogen viruses like Influenza, RSV, Para influenza and etc , which

gathered from clinical nasopharyngeal samples are being evaluated.


  • Viral lower respiratory panel

In this panel, viruses which cause respiratory disease, gathered from sputum & Broncho- alveolar lavage sample are being detected.


  • Bacterial –Fungal pathogens of lower Respiratory system panel

In this panel, pathogenic bacteria of respiratory system gathered from clinical samples of sputum & Broncho-alveolar lavage are being tested.


  • Gastro -Intestinal panel

In this panel pathogenic bacteria & parasites causing diarrhea are being tested.


  • Sepsis Panel & Antibiotic Resistance

In this panel, viral & bacterial microorganisms responsible for meningitis from CSF samples are being tested.


  • Molecular dermatophyte panel

In this test dermatophyte fungus causing skin diseases are being evaluated.


  • STD panel

In this panel, infectious pathogens transmitted by sexual contact are being tested.


  • Leukemia Translocation molecular panel

In this panel, we test 33 common translocations responsible for leukemia.


  • Tumorogenetic Colon Cancer panel

In this molecular panel, tumorogenetic test responsible for colon cancers are being evaluated.


  • Tumorogenetic lung Cancer panel

In this panel, genetic molecular and lung cancer tests are being evaluated.